video wordpress templates

Video WordPress Templates

Video WordPress template lets your create a video sharing website easily. For example if you are creating a humorous video site, you can search for interesting video clips and add it to your website. A good video WordPress theme should have support for embedding video clips from YouTube, DailyMotion and other popular video sharing website.

Features Checklist:

  • Video Integration – Supports the flash videos of popular video sharing sites
  • Video Rating – Let users vote the videos.

(Last Updated on 15 June 2012)

1. Multimedia Video WordPress Template

multimedia wordpress template

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Multimedia – Music, Video, Picture, Blog WP is equipped with different kinds of pages with funky look premium themes you may choose as whatever you want. And with the latest updates on particular pages of multimedias. This premium theme was free to modify with a lot of fashionable themes added with several colors and support files.

2. Wave Video WordPress Template

wave wordpress template

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Wave: A Video Centric Theme for WordPress is on video focus and other multimedia enhancement. A wide variety of selection for different types of interactive goes here provided with concise descriptions. With smooth premium themes for modifications and updates give so much pleasure to you.

3. eVid Video WordPress Template

evid wordpress template

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This vibrant look of eVid WordPress Theme comes into play with smooth selections of themes. It has good compatibility modes on different kinds of internet browser and unique color schemes with custom video interfaces. The good selection of themes made this template more gorgeous and interesting.

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4. Motion Pictures Video WordPress Template

motion pictures wordpress template
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Motion Picture Video WordPress Template gives you a total package of what you want for your entertainment. Pleasant look of this theme made it simple yet amazing. With additional informative description on several categories of what the template had.

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5. Video WordPress Template

video wordpress template

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Video WordPress Template provides important subject when it comes to entertainment. The carbon fiber look skin gives the template elegance and beauty. With complete and up to date selection on different genres of entertainment got an easy way to look for because of strategic planning creating this premium wordpress template.

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6. Woo Tube Video WordPress Template

woo tube wordpress template

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Woo Tube Video WordPress Template offers easy way to create and perform some videos to be posted. A well planned premium template that could help entertain and gives enjoyment to any guest visiting this site. And with unique features to choose if you want to modify and enhance the quality and appearance of your template is provided.

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