restaurant wordpress templates

Restaurant WordPress Templates

Restaurant WordPress template are great for cafes and restaurants. Getting a restaurant wordpress theme has its advantages over traditional websites. In the past, hiring a programmer to create a login system that lets you update your food menu costs money and time. However, buying a premium restaurant wordpress solves this problem. The WordPress CMS system allows you to easily login in the system to add in new menus or change the prices. Some allows to add in additional photos for each food item. This helps to attract new customers to visit your restaurant and bring in more revenue.

You can even take a step further by offering online coupons and Facebook like buttons to create an online campaign with minimal costs. Be sure to frequently update your restaurant website with news and special events to keep your loyal customers coming back.

Features Checklist:

  • Menu Details – Let you add a page for each individual food
  • Multiple Layout Options – Give you choices on layout for different pages
  • Multiple Color Schemes – Gives you color choices to match your product and services
  • Blog Listing – The extra blog feature let you include section for promotions and special offers

(Last Updated on 25 June 2012)

1. Organic Restaurant WordPress Template

organice restaurant wordpress template
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Organic Restaurant Theme is among the premium wordpress themes that projects elegance in both design and makeup of the site. It is available in three variation of colors, which is suitable for different restaurant-types. This wordpress theme takes pride in its customization capacity in posting that enables users for convenience in adding items. Organic Restaurant theme likewise include diverse layouts in its homepage options.

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2. Gourment Restaurant WordPress Template

gourmet wordpress template
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If your website caters to the worldly delectable pleasures of Gourmet then this premium theme from wordpress will be just right for you. The theme is strategically made with lots of menu options and pages, some site directions, items to be highlighted, contents like blogs, among many others. It will suit any Gourmet site the needed professional impact as well as marketing elements to boost your online business.

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3. Restaurant WordPress Template

restaurant wordpress template
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Every culinary business will definitely be captivated with this wordpress template. This is for the reason that Restaurant WordPress Template possess all the elements every restaurant site wants. It is already equipped with several elements that when combined with the right choice of design as well as expert coding, you can assure of an appealing website for the customers. Everything with this site is easy to adapt and gives you a luxury in establishing your brand.

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4. My Cuisine Restaurant WordPress Template

my cuisine wordpress template
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You will never go wrong once you choose My Cuisine Restaurant wordpress theme for your website. This is because the offers a vibrant set of appealing and delectable visuals covered in a shell. The wordpress template adopts a theme revolving on a small-business having a glint of restaurants in concept. It will be a perfect choice for any budding business that wants a refreshing yet classic presentation for the site.

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5. Ermak Adora Restaurant WordPress Template

ermak adora wordpress template
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This restaurant premium wordpress template suits an array of establishments like cafes, product presentations and restaurants. Ermark Adora is equipped with a presentable feature and a system making up an advanced product manager and reservations options supported right in the admin panel. It is also integrated with Facebook where visitors can share, rate and comment some items in the website. This wordpress theme can be availed in colors of brown and light, and possess designs mixed with classic patterns from Adora WordPress.

6. Delicious Restaurant WordPress Template

delicious wordpress template
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If your culinary business is inclined with cafes, pizzeria, bars, diners and restaurants then Delicious Restaurant wordpress theme is what you are looking for. The theme exudes elegance and dominance at the same time with the food products, menus and other items sold in the website. With its WPZOOM options panel, you can conveniently edit the pages that will suit the your specifications.

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7. Bottega Restaurant WordPress Template

bottega wordpress template
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Bottega Restaurant wordpress theme is best in featuring and highlighting your restaurant, cafe, diner, pizzeria, etc. in your website. This premium wordpress template is loaded with elements that emphasize the tiniest detail of your business, for the information of your customers. It is a great choice when you have a gallery of images aside from the content in the website.

8. The Restaurant WordPress Template

the restaurant wordpress template
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For the minimalist, the Restaurant WordPress Template will suit you best. It is a type of wordpress theme that is more simple and refined yet projects every important detail of the theme. It is easy to customized and alter the colors of the theme. With its colorpicker, you can easily change the style of the website and place your chosen movable menucard to please your clients.

9. Aim Restaurant WordPress Template

aim wordpress template
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Aim Restaurant premium theme gives a more “dramatic” approach to your site’s daily servings. It offers a full-length of images that almost expands half of the page with a little bracket of details on either site of the image. This wordpress theme will be a perfect website template for restaurants featuring bestselling menus to their clients.

10. Foodilicious Restaurant WordPress Template

foodilicious wordpress template
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Foodilicious takes a leap in making perfect websites for restaurant and coffee shop businesses. Through this wordpress theme, you will be assured of having a “modern look” applied to your website. The template is equipped with Google Map, automatic content sliders, a Gallery, blogs, etc. A perfect mix of elements for every business types.

11. Bon Apetit Restaurant WordPress Template

bon apetit wordpress template
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This wordpress template is the right type to choose for your restaurant or cafe website since it is comprised with customizable elements and appealing layouts, which can draw a horde of customer to your business. Aside from that, the premium theme features a great balance of patterns of text and images that is perfect for menus and product features. Bon Apetit Restaurant wordpress theme can be likewise applied for recipes, pastries and catering gateways.

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