PageLines Review

(Last Updated on 13 June 2012)

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PageLines Review

Many people employ WordPress as CMS nowadays, because the platform is actually free and possess numerous premium and free plugins and templates. WordPress themes are widely used especially for the creation of high quality websites.

Pagelines is another CMS WordPress professional theme platform. It is the very first framework that adopts the drag and drop which brings convenience and ease while in the process of controlling and making websites. Pagelines is ideal for novice web makers, programmers and bloggers. Through Pagelines, one can make alterations on the website layout faster than before. The platform offer solutions to problems of coding, themes and wysiwyg editing.

To be specific, Pagelines is found among website elements or pieces. All things are collapsed into several parts. Sidebars, pages, banners, boxes, features, breadcrumbs and highlights are but few of the huge elements. Now aside from having good Page Templates, it also add custom post types to explode literally the possible flexibility straight from the box. Between the custom types and the page elements, arranging and rearranging can be made easily for layout.

Finally, Pagelines does not only concern huge pieces like drag and drop design or the page templates, it can also become very particular and specific. CSS in this platform is very customizable where advanced developers will bring no problem as to the selection of elements and creating major customizations. More than CSS changes, Pagelines allows for more changes in elements.

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Advanced Options offers more customization selection especially for page list columns.

Blog and post options are even made easier with several selections and excerpts modes to choose from.

Pagelines is made of WordPress which makes everything easier and convenient even for beginners.

Color control at Pagelines is made with the simplest HTML structure for layouting color schemes and background effects. Basic color layouts are also available.

Custom CSS designing is made here. It is not overwritten and not kept in DB storage. It also comes with customization plugins and header scripts.

The drag and drop scheme makes the entire Pagelines Platform even more amazing. Everything is as simple as it appears when editing is concerned.

Simple options for both header and footer creation are a matter of ticks and clicks at Pagelines.

Layouting is also made easy through the platform's amazing layout handling and numerous modes.

Pagelines' page options area available at the Pagelines Store.

A very creative platform message pops up at the start of a project.

Various theme selections, both free and premium, are featured at PageLines.

Typography is easier and more extensive with lots of font styles to choose from.

Web settings are made simple especially with a free Pagelines account.

An array of selection of plugins are also features at Pagelines Platform Pro.