FlexSqueeze Review

(Last Updated on 26 June 2012)

FlexSqueeze Theme Review

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FlexSqueeze WordPress theme is a new breed of WordPress themes that merges the process of marketing on internet and blogging. Successful implementation of the idea of lead generation and service your market niche all on a single site. FlexSqueeze is guaranteed to generate interest as more and more savvy marketers learn about it!

FlezSqueeze theme is complex but not difficult and while on initial install it might seem intimidating to newer bloggers – it is fairly simple to use, just provided with multiple options that CAN be configured but not necessary need to be!

Creating Squeeze page is as simple as creating new page in WordPress interface and assigning Squeezepage template to it in Page Attributes. More advanced users will than want to fill it with their own content and great part about this one is that CSS styles are assigned Per Page to improve page load speed and also provide you with very HIGH customization options!

WordPress theme is based on Flexibility theme but comes with templates specifically designed to work as Lead Generator (squeeze) page. Multiple options make it highly configurable and combined with fact that it also acts as superbly designed WordPress blog theme designed to push your offer forth alone with content – this theme is worth the time and money!

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